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68% of social housing tenants are worried about meeting normal monthly living expenses (including rent) most of the time.

Through our empowering group workshops, people feel better able to manage their finances and avoid crisis.

The communities of support in our workshops, the confidence in your own ability, new skills and getting the help available all enable people to avoid crisis with dignity.

This benefits us all.


'This has been life-changing for some of our tenants'.

Housing Association Commissioner

56% of social housing tenants don't know what help and support is available to them if they face a financial struggle

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Over half (53%) of social housing tenants have used credit or buy-now-pay-later services to cover their monthly household essential needs


Almost 9 out of 10 social housing tenants under 35 are currently using or considering using buy-now-pay-later credit to pay for essential goods

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82% of social housing tenants under 35 report being worried all or most of the time about meeting normal monthly living expenses

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Our solution

Empowering people through group workshops to feel in control of their money and housing and keep their home

Tenants with increased knowledge, skills, confidence and resilience are more likely to keep their home.

We facilitate these workshops in a way that is collaborative, equal, empathic, democratic, fun, experiential and effective.

We draw out the knowledge, skills and resilience as the experts in their own lives and share these in their community and peer group - building confidence too.

We develop inter-dependence as the route to resilience and avoiding crisis.

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CEO on 2022’s WISE 100 List